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Integrated Medical Case Solutions (IMCS) is the industry’s leading bio psychosocial program with evidence-based outcomes and a proven track-record for transforming workers’ compensation cases.

MARCH 5 – 6 and MARCH 26 – 27 attending DWC

MARCH 5 – 6 and MARCH 26 – 27 attending DWC

IMCS will be attending the event in Oakland and Los Angeles. The 27th Annual DWC Educational Conference is the biggest workers’ compensation educational event in the state of California.

MARCH 5 – 6 attending WCRI 2020

MARCH 5 – 6 attending WCRI 2020

IMCS will be attending the event in Boston, MA. The Annual Issues and Research Conference is the leading workers’ compensation forum in the nation.

Employers Can Take Action to Reduce Pain, Improve Productivity

Chronic pain is more prevalent than many people think. The latest government figures say more than 15 percent of currently employed adults have pain nearly every single day, and when non-working adults are added in, the rate rises to almost 20 percent. That translates...

Mind-Body Connection Key to Preventing Delayed Recoveries

Your body is more than just a vehicle for carrying your head around. Modern research shows the mind and body have a complex, interdependent relationship, and what affects one affects the other. This is especially important in treating injured workers with delayed...

Technology, Telehealth Services Mean Faster CBT and Quicker RTWs

Technology has truly revolutionized the way medical care is delivered to injured workers. We can now reach them in a variety of ways not possible a decade or two ago. We’ve seen the positive results of treating injured workers as soon as possible with our recent...

A Day in the Life of a Tapering Opioid User: The Hijacked Brain

There’s an experiment I like to do with audiences when I am presenting on the use/misuse of opioids for chronic pain. I ask them to hold their breath…for a while. Then I ask them what they are thinking. The answer is, of course, “when can I take a breath?” In those...

Take A Cold Shower: The PTSD Survival Guide

Experiencing a trauma can leave a person with all sorts of confusing, even debilitating reactions. Flashbacks to the event may arise without warning and at the most inopportune times. Things that seemingly have absolutely no relationship to the tragedy can trigger...

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