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Integrated Medical Case Solutions (IMCS) is the industry’s leading bio psychosocial program with evidence-based outcomes and a proven track-record for transforming workers’ compensation cases.

Why Delayed Recoveries are Driving Up Costs and What You Can Do About Them

On average, workers’ compensation payers are spending more money per claim, despite the drop in frequency for most of the last several years. There are several factors driving these costs—medications, overutilization and more procedures being done in hospitals or other medical facilities rather than outpatient.

They Get by With a Little Help from Their Friends: First Responders and PTSD Part 1

Social isolation is one of the classic symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It’s not necessarily that those affected have no interest in engaging in their normal activities, but the fear of persistent flashbacks and panic attacks that can arise with no apparent reason often prevents sufferers from leaving their homes — sometimes even their beds.

CBT Can Prevent Post-Surgical Chronic Pain

Injured workers who’ve undergone surgery run the risk of developing chronic pain. Researchers say up to 70 percent of patients experience chronic post-surgical pain (CPSP), depending on a variety of factors.

How Brain Research That Helps Injured Workers Helped Lindsey Vonn

How does someone with a nearly unprecedented series of injuries and excruciating pain become the most successful female U.S. ski racer in history? Undoubtedly determination, grit, intestinal fortitude and, in the case of Lindsey Vonn, a little help from the brain.

CBT and Smartphones: Study Shows Power of CBT on Brain Changes

There is a little known addiction that could be impacting your organization in negative ways. It affects people from all walks of life — young and old; rich and poor; men and women. It creates neurochemical imbalances in the brain and has been associated with depression, anxiety, impaired attention, hyperactivity, and lower accuracy rates in numerical processing.

Test Your Mental Health Knowledge

Are you in a mental state? Confused? Good news; we are here to help! Workers’ compensation claims involving physical injuries are complicated enough, but those with mental conditions can be a nightmare.

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