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Innovative solutions for injury/trauma prevention, identification and intervention for early return-to-work

Chronic pain, trauma, lost productivity, escalating care costs and increased claims; all are the direct result of WORK-RELATED INJURIES.


employees, their families, employers and insurers. As a leader in biopsychosocial innovation to the workers’ compensation industry, Integrated Medical Case Solutions (IMCS Group) is distinguished in its proven transformative approach to injured workers.

About Us

Integrated Medical Case Solutions is the leading provider of work-related trauma prevention and treatment with a proven track record of transforming workers’ compensation cases with notable success in early return-to-work outcomes. Through innovation, best practices and a nationwide network of over 1,500 psychologists and psychiatrists, IMCS provides biopsychosocial assessments to assist patients, employers, and workers’ compensation and disability organizations to optimize chronic pain management and disability claims using an integrated, evidence-based medical approach. IMCS’s early identification and intervention program for high-risk cases has resulted in a 50% savings in many costly and complex workers’ compensation claims.

As experts in workers’ compensation and disability evaluation, IMCS clinicians specialize in the following services:

COPE with Pain for chronic pain management

COPE with Trauma for employees exposed to traumatic events

FUNCTIONAL Medicine Evaluations (FME)

FUNCTIONAL Psychological Evaluations (FPE)

MENTAL Health Disorders Fit for Duty Screening

Core Values


Commitment to treat EVERY PERSON with dignity.

National Provider Network

A pioneer in evidence-based, psychosocial evaluation and treatment for work-related chronic pain, trauma and delayed recovery, the IMCS national network of over 1,500 psychologists, psychiatrists and licensed behavioral health professionals, has a track record of success using proven integrated solutions to expedite return-to-function, return-to-work and to living a full productive life.

Meet Our Team

Senior Executives

Michael Coupland, RPsych (BC)

Network Medical Director
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Aimee Peters

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Senior Management

Beckie Long

SVP, National & Strategic Account Management
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Shawn West

VP, National & Strategic Account Management
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Doug Benson

VP, Sales
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Kristine Walsh

VP, Finance and Controller

Ann Beal

VP, Client Services
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Mary Ellen Szabo, R.N

VP, Clinical Quality Assurance
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S.Bunny Falk, R.N., Psy.D.

Assistant Provider Medical Director
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Daniel LeGoff, Ph.D., LP

Clinical Quality Assurance Advisor
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Miranda Kofeldt, Ph.D.

Clinical Quality Assurance Advisor
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Cal Robinson Psy.D.

Clinical Quality Assurance Advisor
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Jason Grimes

VP of Legal Services
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John Bravo

Director of Operations
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Ronnie Campbell

Director of Operations
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