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Research reveals that injury, pain and trauma incidents benefit tremendously from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy intervention. Connect your workers’ compensation cases to a network of over 1,500 psychologists and psychiatrists nationwide with program services that are proven to improve recovery.


The correlation between psychosocial attitudes and injury are well-documented. Quickly predict (with 95% accuracy) which cases are at high-risk for delayed recovery and break the Injury-to-Chronic Pain Cycle with the Early Intervention Pain Questionnaire (EIPQ) and FLAG-DR™ scoring algorithm.


Our case study resulted in national employers achieving 50% cost savings in total claim costs due to early identification and intervention with injured workers at risk for delayed recovery. Improve worker quality of life; restore function; settle claims; and maximize your return-to-work results.

Integrated solutions for chronic pain and PTSD intervention, enabling early return-to-work

Chronic pain, trauma, lost productivity, escalating care costs and increased claims; all are the direct result of work-related injuries. The stakes are high for everyone: employees, their families, employers and insurers. As a leader in biopsychosocial innovation to the workers’ compensation industry, Integrated Medical Case Solutions (IMCS Group) is distinguished in its proven transformative approach to injured workers. A pioneer in evidence-based evaluation and treatment, the IMCS national network of over 1,500 psychologists and psychiatrists has a track record of success using highly integrated solutions to expedite return-to-function and work.

An IMCS Success Story

Grocery Chain sees 50% savings in WC Claims Costs

A combination of early identification and targeted intervention using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) demonstrated significant results for injured workers at risk for delayed recovery. This study resulted in a cost containment of approximately $3.2 million for the company.

Our Services

Embracing Functional Restoration

Using a combination of proven biopsychosocial treatment techniques expedites recovery, restores function and maximizes productivity in the workplace and at home

COPE with Pain ©

IMCS’ expertise in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has proven successful in treating injured workers suffering from chronic pain and who show signs of delayed recovery.

COPE with Trauma ©

With early diagnosis and intervention, employees suffering from PTSD and other psychological conditions arising from their workplace injury have a better chance at recovery when COPE strategies are introduced early.

e-COPE Telehealth ©

Injured workers can have immediate access to treatment without travel time or expense. e-COPE services are delivered by our telehealth providers on the IMCS COPE-Zone© app.

California Stress Claims

California workers’ compensation law recognizes emotional, mental and psychiatric conditions that may develop as a result of a work-related stress. IMCS provides evaluation and treatment for employees to develop the resilience to stay at work\return to work.

Early Intervention Pain Questionnaire (EIPQ) and FLAG-DR™

In the course of recovery, some injured workers experience amplified pain and extended disability. This brief questionnaire identifies workers in distress as early as two weeks after injury, leading to targeted early interventions.

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Our innovative, biopsychosocial, evidence-based approach has positioned IMCS as a leader in trauma prevention, identification, and intervention.

  • Acute and Chronic Pain
  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Work-Related Stress, Depression and Anxiety
  • Concussion
  • Brain Injury
  • Electrical Shock
  • Toxic Exposure
  • Blast Exposure
  • Burns
  • Amputation
  • Phantom Limb Pain
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
  • Failed Back Surgery Syndrome
  • Opioid Dependency

Provider Network

IMCS enables efficient and effective intervention and treatment through our National Network of more than 1,500 chronic pain management and trauma psychologists and psychiatrists in all 50 states. Through innovation, best practices, and our nationwide panel, IMCS provides biopsychosocial assessments and interventions to assist patients, employers, workers’ compensation and disability organizations with solutions for chronic pain and disability claims within an integrated medical approach.

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St. Pete Catalyst

IMCS CEO Lori Daugherty is featured in Hospital & Healthcare Management with her article "Telehealth's Big Picture"

IMCS CEO Lori Daugherty discusses a brief history of telehealth, its success with patients pre-pandemic, its meteoric rise during the pandemic and the many opportunities and benefits it offers going forward.

St. Pete Catalyst

IMCS Group Appoints Ron Barden as Chief Financial Officer

IMCS is excited to announce that Ron Barden will join the team as IMCS Chief Financial Officer. His experience includes over 30 years developing strategies for the healthcare industry as well as serving as CFO for several technology-based healthcare businesses.

St. Pete Catalyst

IMCS Group CEO Lori Daugherty Speaks with the St. Pete Catalyst About New Covid Rebound Program

In an interview with St. Pete Catalyst "Mental health care company launches new service to treat Covid-19 issues," IMCS CEO Lori Daugherty discusses a new pilot program called Covid Rebound.

The COVID Rebound Complex Physical-Mental Program helps workers diagnosed with COVID-19 & psychological symptoms, like return-to-work anxiety, to recover quickly & may improve sleep, appetite, exercise & executive functioning.

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A new study during COVID-19 finds a lower rate of telemedicine use in impoverished communities. Read more:

Info on IMCS's COVID Rebound program at


Congress has reintroduced TREAT, a bill that would permit healthcare providers to treat anyone in any state using telehealth during pandemic.

Info on IMCS's COVID Rebound program at


A new report finds that since the beginning of the pandemic almost half of US workers are suffering from mental health issues.

Info on IMCS's COVID Rebound program at

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